About Me

Miguel Pedroso is an experienced Data Scientist and Computer Engineer that specializes in building and deploying machine learning solutions that empower organizations.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more important for businesses and organizations. Machine learning can be used to analyze data, find and understand previously unnoticed patterns (e.g. client behavior) and to take decisions. AI can bring new insights and efficiency to businesses and will become one of the key differentiating factors between competitors. Organizations that apply AI into their business processes will much more likely succeed and increase their market share to their competitors that use only traditional methods.

Miguel is passionate about helping organizations to deal with these new challenges, and implement AI-powered solutions that makes businesses more efficient, more competitive and more profitable.

Data analysis

I can help your organization to harness the real power of its data.

Consultancy in Data Science

I can create and deploy live ML predictive models.

Need consultancy in AI and data science? Contact me!

Some of my work


Below you can see some of the projects that I have worked on during the past few years, both professionally and has a hobby.
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