MPObfuscator PHP 1.0 (Beta)

I just released the first version of MPObfuscator PHP, a multi-platform tool that allows you to protect your PHP scripts so nobody can reverse engineer them easily. You can use this software when you want to share your PHP script in the Internet (paid or free) and want to protect your code so nobody can modify it and distribute it with their names. You can also use it to protect your code even if you won’t share it and will only host it in your server, to make sure that if someone gets your code, won’t be able to modified easily. No obfuscating tool is 100% efficient but MPObfuscator does it’s best to protect your code.

1.0 Beta Features:

  • Automatic Comment Removing;
  • String Protection;
  • Variable Names Removing;
  • Code Encoding;
  • Multi-file protecting;
  • No need to install software in the server;
  • Multi-Language: English, Portuguese and French;
  • Multi-Platform.

MPObfuscator PHP is available on Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP and also on Linux and Mac OS X. To run it on Linux and Mac OS X you must have Mono Framework Installed.


Normal Code:


$n = 0;

while ($n != 101)
  echo "
n equals to " . $n; $n++; } echo "

Done."; ?>

Obfuscated Code:

php /*This file was encoded by MPObfuscator PHP. You can download it by visiting*/