MPKosmos Web Server 0.1 launched

MPKosmos Web Server

MPKosmos Web Server

I just released MPKosmos Web Server 0.1 (Alpha). MPKosmos is a small Web Server that I’m developing. It’s currently in development stage and there are many things that still need to be done. With this Alpha version release you are able to try it out and send me your feedback.

Version 0.1 has:

  • Basic Web Server fearures;
  • Password Protection;
  • Simple Statistics;
  • Simple Logging;
  • Much more things.

MPKosmos Web Server has an incomplete PHP support. If you want to write very simple PHP scripts you can download PHP from it’s official website and put it in “modulesphp”.


Please note that to run MPKosmos Web Server you need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 or later installed.

Tugastro, the Astronomical Web Site

Tugastro is a website that is intended not only to inform you with the latest news about astronomy but also to provide you tools that you can use to learn or share you knowledgment. This website also allows amateur astronomeurs to check out the position of some sattelites like the International Space Station (ISS) and to know how the actual sky is.

Tugastro is written in Portuguese but is automatically translated into 10 different languages (including English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese).

Visit Tugastro

Status: Closed

MPCrysis, the Crysis Community

The MPCrysis is a Crysis community. Crysis is an FPS game series developed by Crytek. MPCrysis is a website that supports my multiplayer game servers and my server mods. It had already three servers until today and currently has only one server active.

Server Name Game Status
MPCrysis Server Crysis Multiplayer Closed
MPCrysis Wars Server – MPAM Crysis Wars Closed e-Sports Server Crysis Wars Closed

Visit MPCrysis