MPChip-8 Emulator 1.0 Released

MPChip-8 Emulator

MPChip-8 Emulator

I just released the first version of my first emulator, the MPChip-8 Emulator. It emulates Chip-8, a platform developed in the mid-1970s that allowed developers to easily program video games in a computer at those days. Chip-8 is like the Java or the Flash of the 1970s. The MPChip-8 Emulator allows you to run programs or games develop to Chip-8.


  • Emulates most of Chip-8 Games;
  • Comes with 28 games/programs;
  • Lots of customization;
  • Disassembler included.

Note: The Games that come in the MPChip-8 Emulator package are in public domain and were not created by me unless when I say otherwise.



Bellow you can watch a MPChip-8 Demonstration video that will show you its basic features, as well as some games being emulated.

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