About Miguel

Miguel Ferreira de Sá Pedroso is a 25 year old portuguese Computer Engineer and Data Scientist. He has a Computer Science degree from Instituto Superior Técnino and creates and develops new projects during his free time, as a hobby. He is passionate about machine learning and artificial intelligence, which he sees has the most interesting and promising field in computer science.

Miguel sees Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the field that will bring the biggest impact on the 21st century. He believes that AI will have a huge impact not only on future scientific discoveries, like drug creation, but will reshape the way modern society works and change the way humans and machines interact.

Miguel also loves cinema, and sometimes plays tennis to relax.

The goal of this website is to demonstrate some of what he does and creates. It doesn’t feature all his projects – only a few of them that he decided that are ready do be used and experimented by people. Is is also a place where enthusiasts can learn more about computers, electronics and get new ideas to make their own personal projects.

If you want to contact Miguel, you can use the contact form.