Artificial Intelligence Bot Demonstration

I’ve created a software that by checking screen colors is able to play a game for itself without needing any user’s input. I’ve randomly choose a flash game on the Internet to use as a demonstration (so it was NOT made by me). Please note that this video is NOT related with cheating in anyway. It is only a demonstration video and neither the source code nor the software itself will be released.

This concept has a wide range of applications like in robots. The software detects targets and shoot them. Some delays that are seen in the video are mainly due to the fact that video recording makes the machine slow. I would like to thank ToGGi for the introduction special effects as they are very good. You can click here to go directly to the Youtube page where the video is hosted.

How does a night vision camera work?

A night vision camera is a device that allows you to see in the dark. But how is that possible? It’s very simple. The light that you are able to see is electromagnetic radiation. You are only able to see a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

That part that you are able to see is called “Visible Spectrum”. There are many types of radiation as you can see in the image above (image source is Wikipedia) but part of it is the infrared radiation. Infrared is a very low energetic radiation and it is widely used in night vision cameras.

Basically the concept is simple – A night vision camera is a device that emits infrared “light” and is capable of detecting it in a camera. The only difference between a night vision camera and a camera that is taking a film of an environment that is being lighted by a normal lamp is that you can’t see the infrared “light” with your eyes but you can with your infrared camera. This provides you the chance to see in the dark.

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