Pull Cases

Pull Solutions has developed a cloud platform, Pull Cases, that aims to empower lawyers and law firms with a single tool to manage the law practice and to strengthen the professional relationship between lawyers and their clients.

Pull Cases includes, among others, the following features:

  • – Encrypted messaging system
  • – Encrypted file storage
  • – Calendar
  • – Address book
  • – Tasks and time tracking
  • – Billing
  • – Secure, encrypted Voice Calls
  • – Document search and indexing (that performs OCR in order to allow scanned documents to be searched)


Both our message and file storage systems use a complex encryption system that guarantees that all the sensitive information that is kept in the platform is truly protected and private, being totally inaccessible to individuals that are not supposed to obtain it, including us, as system administrators. The message system was designed to be used by both attorneys and clients.